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Welcome to GrandFamilies of America

"The Only National Organization Whose Membership and Administrative Staff Is Comprised Totally Of Relatives Caring 24/7 for Their Relative Children"


Grand Rally at the Nations Capitol, September 2005

"No man is so tall as when he stoops to help a child..." Abraham Lincoln




Mission Statement: Preserving Family Ties And Heritage For Future Generations.



Goals/Objectives: Bringing together grandparents/relative caregivers, to provide them with the education and tools, to enable them to provide 24/7 safety and permanency for the children in their care, while at the same time preserving their family ties and heritage for future generations.

We will do this through collaboration with these caregivers, child welfare advocates, and other organizations and agencies, which share our vision. We will dedicate our energy to empowering caregivers to take back control of life altering decision-making, from outside sources, as it affects their family. It only takes a single idea, a single action to move the world.





Our National Office:
6525 Fish Hatchery Road
Thurmont, Maryland 21788
1-301- 898-8023 - Direct
Toll Free: 1-866-203-8926, ext. 8103 
1-301-898-4462 Fax


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